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5 reviews for Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

  1. 5 out of 5

    Joe Doe

    The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has truly been a game-changer for my wonderful mother-in-law. From the moment she started using it, her excitement and joy have been evident, and it’s easy to see why. This smartwatch has seamlessly integrated into her lifestyle, offering a multitude of features that cater to her needs and preferences. Here’s why my mother-in-law absolutely loves her Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

    Elegance and Style:
    The Galaxy Watch 4’s elegant design has instantly won my mother-in-law over. Its sleek, modern aesthetic appeals to her sense of style, and she loves how it effortlessly complements both casual and formal outfits. The choice of customizable watch faces allows her to personalize the watch to match her mood and look.

    Comprehensive Health Monitoring:
    My mother-in-law’s well-being is a top priority, and the health monitoring features of the Galaxy Watch 4 have become invaluable to her. From heart rate tracking and sleep analysis to blood oxygen monitoring and ECG readings, the watch provides a holistic view of her health, empowering her to make informed decisions about her lifestyle.

    Fitness and Activity Tracking:
    Staying active is essential to my mother-in-law, and the fitness tracking capabilities of the Galaxy Watch 4 have become her trusted companion. Whether she’s walking, cycling, or practicing yoga, the watch accurately records her activities and offers real-time insights to keep her motivated and engaged.

    Convenient Notifications and Connectivity:
    The watch’s ability to receive notifications from her smartphone is a feature my mother-in-law adores. She no longer misses important calls, messages, or calendar events while she’s on the go. The watch’s seamless connectivity has simplified her daily routines and keeps her informed at all times.

    Intuitive User Experience:
    Navigating the features and functions of the Galaxy Watch 4 has been a breeze for my mother-in-law. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, ensuring that she can access the information she needs with ease.

    Versatile Lifestyle Companion:
    From tracking health metrics to answering calls on the go, the Galaxy Watch 4 seamlessly integrates into my mother-in-law’s daily life. It’s the perfect balance of functionality and convenience, offering features that cater to her varied interests and activities.

    Long Battery Life:
    My mother-in-law appreciates the watch’s impressive battery life. With reliable performance throughout the day, she doesn’t have to worry about recharging frequently, allowing her to stay connected without interruption.

    Enhancing Every Moment:
    Above all, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has enhanced my mother-in-law’s everyday experiences. It empowers her to prioritize her health, stay connected with loved ones, and enjoy the convenience of smart technology—all while looking stylish and sophisticated.

    In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has brought immense joy to my mother-in-law’s life. Its blend of elegance, health features, fitness tracking, connectivity, and ease of use has seamlessly integrated into her daily routine. As a loving family, we’re thrilled to see how the watch has become an essential part of her life, enhancing her well-being and keeping her connected to the things that matter most. It’s a testament to the watch’s ability to cater to a range of needs and preferences, making it a truly remarkable accessory for anyone seeking style, functionality, and connectivity in one elegant package.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Joe Doe

    05/13/2023: A really, really nice smartwatch. My wife has an Apple watch and it is nice, but I have to say that this Samsung 4 is a notch better. Her watch cost $280 after a deal with her phone service. My Samsung 4 was just under $90 from Amazon, and it is a real beauty. I am still learning some things about it, but love it, love it. Quality plus. But, another BUT — like the Apple Watch, the battery life is terrible. You have to charge it every day — that is, unless you shut everything off, or down. There is a feature on the watch, where you can select Battery Saver features. Still, so disappointed in battery life. I have a cheap smartwatch that gets me 5 plus days, and it does nearly all of the things needed to keep track of sleep and Heart rate. The cheap watch also has a Blood Pressure reading — yep, BP. On the other hand, the Samsung 4 has ECG, which is pretty cool, and it keeps a running record that you record for your doctor. I will be trying the different settings on the Samsung, after all, I do not need all of the features that come with the Samsung 4. But, like many others, I do wonder why the cheap smartwatches are able to get so much use out of their batteries, as opposed to these HIGH priced, name-brand watches. As it is, if you plan on using the sleep feature, then you will need to charge every day, or night before going to bed. Getting 2 days of use is a pipe dream if you use the watch to track your movements and monitor your cell phone and massaging, which I do not really need, but it is pretty handy. Maybe you could get 2-3 days, if you shut everything but the TIME off. I will find out. Remember, by shutting all of the AUTO features off, you still have access to manually use, or turn on a feature you want to use for the moment. What a nicely built watch — more later —

    05/15/2023 Update: Battery life is terrible. You can extend the battery life by shutting everything off, but that defeats the purpose of having one of these Smartwatches, right? Last night, as I went to bed, shut everything down, leaving only the sleep mode on, with a full charge. Got up this morning and it had 86% left. I turned everything back on, played with the settings, on, off, and other features, etc. Also, had to reconnect to my phone to record my sleep activity. I have been up for 2 hours now and the battery reads, 45%. I got up, just under 2.5 hours ago, activated the watch, turned wifi back on to communicate with my Samsung Galaxy 22 phone, and have already used up half the battery capacity. My wife says it is not big deal, after all, she has to recharge her Apple watch every day. Great, so that makes me NOT feel better, not after owning some cheapy watches that never needed charging for 5-7 days, and they tracked my sleep, my BP, my steps, and, really, the cheapy apps were easier to navigate. Seriously, the Samsung is a beauty, but am I really buying jewlery?

  3. 5 out of 5

    Joe Doe

    I love this watch, as I still continue to use it 6 months later at the time of this review. If your looking at something to help you keep track of the time, exercising, sleep and more, than this is for you.
    It has a very easy to use app, and very easy to set up, takes no more than 5 minutes to set up, not including the time it takes for the watch itself update. It looks great and functions great. You can add nice wallpapers to the background and change how the watch face looks, with different colors and styles. It does a great job at counting steps and keeping track of exercises. Even if you don’t tell the watch your about to exercise it will automatically detect that you are doing one and start tracking calories burned, steps taken, and more!
    Even if you don’t have a Samsung phone it still will work with any android phone for the most part. I no longer have a Samsung phone from when I bought this watch, but I still continue to the watch with my Google Pixel 7a.
    The only thing about the watch that isn’t the greatest is the battery life. This watch will last one day, that’s all. Luckily it is easy to charge as it just uses a included wireless charger, so you won’t have to plug the watch in.
    Overall an amazing watch packed with great features for a great price. If your looking for a watch that isn’t going to break the bank but also isn’t complete garbage than this is what your looking for!

  4. 4 out of 5

    Joe Doe

    I’ve only had this watch for about a day now. In some cases it meets my expectations and in others it succeeds. There are other things about it that I have mixed feelings about, but I’m sure that as I continue to use it and figure it out those areas of concern will iron themselves out.
    I’ve owned several smartwatches in the past including a Ticwatch 2 and a Samsung Fit2. Both I liked well enough, but I found they lacked many health features. I have a Samsung phone and since my Fit2 worked more seamlessly with it than my Ticwatch 2, I decided to keep with the Samsung brand.
    I’d recently updated my phone from a S8+ to an Ultra S22 Plus. While my Fit2 still worked very well with the new phone, I still had to manually enter sleep and there was no way to measure my blood oxygen. During Amazon’s Prime Day, they had a great deal on the Galaxy Watch 4, so I decided to take the plunge.
    I’ll get the issues I have mixed feelings about out of the way first. When I got the watch yesterday, I got it fully charged and paired it with my phone easily enough. Later on while I was playing around with selecting watch faces and figuring out the AR emoji watch face, the watch somehow disconnected from my phone. I was able to get it to reconnect by turning the Bluetooth off and on through the watch. It did the same thing later on in the day while I was just sitting and watching TV and not even touching the watch. Both times the issue occurred, my phone was less than a couple of feet away from me. So I know it wasn’t because my phone was too far away. Hopefully this won’t be a reoccurring problem. Another issue I seem to be having is notifications that I want to show up on the watch aren’t showing up. I’ve already gone through the notifications settings on both my phone and the watch and set things up the way I want them, but the notifications are still not showing up on the watch. I’ll have to play around with it some more.
    Now, on to the good stuff! It seems to do a great job of reading heart rate, sleep, steps, basic stuff for a smartwatch. I really didn’t know what the body composition or the ECG was all about when I ordered it, but I thought, “Hey! This could be cool. Why not?” And it is interesting and gives some valuable insight. However, in order for it to take many measurements accurately I have to move the watch about a finger width above my wrist bone on my arm. I’m fine with that. A lot of other smartwatches that take the same kind of readings work the same way. It would be nice if the smartwatch industry could find a way to take those measurements without the wearer having to move the watch around, but until then those who want to keep a close eye on their health will have to choose watch bands for their smartwatches that can be easily adjusted.
    Another thing that I didn’t really know anything about was the stress measurement feature. I have absolutely no idea if it measures stress accurately, and, frankly, I really don’t care. However, I do like that after it takes the reading it offers a built in breathing exercise. I may not know anything at all about how the watch measures stress, but I do know that breathing exercises have been known to help relieve stress and anxiety. They also help people focus and even get to sleep faster. So, having something like that built into the watch is pretty cool!
    Another thing that I found really cool are all the different music features. Not only can you control music apps on your phone through the watch, but it has a built in mic and a small speaker. So, if you’re away from your phone or don’t want to take it out and wanted to have a voice recorder handy to make notes or something later, you have access to one right on your wrist. You can also directly download music from your phone to the Galaxy Watch 4 and can listen to music through either Bluetooth connected earbuds or directly through the little built in speaker.
    As with all new gadgets, it takes some time to get used to them and figure out which apps you really need and which ones you don’t, and exactly how you’re going to use it. I imagine, over time, the watch and I will get used to each other.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Joe Doe

    Ive had many smartwatches. Moto 360, the bulky LG Sport, Fossil Gen 4 and Fossil Gen 5 (that I lost). I loved the Fossil watches because they are high quality watches using WearOS. Never liked Samsung because of Tizen. So when I lost my Fossil Gen 5, I naturally was going to upgrade to the Fossil Gen 6. I did do some other research too and the more I researched, the more I started to like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. I don’t like bulky watches and the Watch 4 was more slender than the Classic. Reading these Amazon reviews, I was almost scared away. Anything from Google Pay not supported to the touch bezel doesn’t work at all.

    Let me just say, not sure if these reviews were early updates or what but Google Pay works just fine and the touch bezel works just fine (although I scroll with my finger anyways). The touch bezel is good for turning volumes up and down and it works perfectly whenever I use it.

    Another contributing factor to choosing Galaxy Watch 4 over Fossil Gen 6 is the Fossil wasn’t releasing with WearOS 3.0. I believe at the time of me typing this review, the Galaxy Watch 4 is the only released device with WearOS 3.0 and it is a major improvement on previous WearOS versions.

    I’m not a health nut but the integration with Samsung Health is amazing. I do like to track my steps and sleep and this watch is awesome for that. For sleep, all I do is turn bedtime mode on and go to sleep. The watch does the rest. Monitors blood oxygen and how well you slept. Not sure how accurate it truly is but I do like knowing about how long I’ve slept.

    As far as battery life, it lasts at least all day long. Usually longer. I use it moderately at work checking notifications, replying to messages and controlling my music and when I get home from working a 8-10 hour day, my watch is around 40%-30% typically. I put it on the charger before bed, put it on at 100% at bedtime and wake up to about 85% battery for the day.

    DO NOT LET OTHER REVIEWS DISCOURAGE YOU! I challenge you to do your own research. Watch YouTube videos or even go to a local phone store and look/feel the watch. It’s definitely the best watch I’ve owned to date.

    If I had to give downsides, it would have to do with Samsungs integration into WearOS 3.0. The Bixby button is NOT reprogrammable to Google Assistant but can be disabled (not remapped). However, from videos I’ve watched, the Bixby assistant is useful on the watch as it can turn on and off settings by asking it. The other complaint is not being able to reprogram the Samsung Pay button. If you press and hold the bottom button, it opens Samsung Pay by default. Which is annoying if you want to use Google Pay. However, once you properly install and set up Google Pay (and make it default payment method), you don’t need to open Google Pay to pay anywhere. Just tap your watch. But if you want to use a different card, you’d have to go into your apps and open Google Pay or assign it to open with a double tap of the top button (that action can be programmed to anything.).

    With the Galaxy Watch 4 still fairly new, I’m hoping Samsung continues to provide updates from community feedback.

    And by this time, I’ve hope you read my entire review and are placing your order now. Stop second guessing yourself, this watch in my opinion is the best out there right now.

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